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    New Vid! We’re more inclined to argue than answer questions. None-the-less here’s another installment:

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    Erika Linder

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    in the skeleton war, who are the skeletons fighting against??? this is a real question. i need to know who to support.

    is it fuckboys? skeletons vs. fuckboys?

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    She gets the start!

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    How can you not love him.

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    Allie Long would have made that shot

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  11. "You’ll see a difference in the way the USWNT is playing, they’re not interested in short, quick passes. They’re interested in looking for the long ball to Abby Wambach’s head."


    aka the whole problem with this team’s coaching decisions and mentality

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    Another for Abby„,

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  15. 71 days, 8 hours since Mike Brown was killed.